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What is Ability Links?

Ability Links NSW is a new way to support Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people with disability, their families and carers.

The program targets people with a disability aged between 0 – 8 (Early Linkers) 9 – 64, their families and carers. There are no formal assessment or eligibility criteria. The ‘Linkers’ will work with people with disabilities, their families and carers to plan for their future, help them become more confident and support them to achieve their goals by building new networks and accessing supports and services  in their community.

Ability Links NSW works within local communities to assist people with disability, their families and carers to be valued and active members of their community.  Ability Links coordinators, known as ‘Linkers’, work with people with disability, their families and carers to plan for their future, and help them become more confident, supporting them to achieve their goals and access support and services in their community. Linkers also work alongside communities and mainstream services, supporting them to become more welcoming and inclusive.

This service is available to all people who are generally not accessing specialist disability services, carers and families of people with a disability.

Kurranulla has a fulltime Linker who is an Aboriginal identified person. Our Linker works with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous community members.

For further information please contact the ‘Aboriginal Ability Linker’ at Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation on (02) 9528 0287

Kurranulla is a registered NDIS approved service provider
My Aged Care for 50+ Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander people – Provider outlet Identification number: 1-FW3901

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