National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is here and it places greater choice and control for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people living with disabilities. Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation has been a registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) since June 2017. Kurranulla provides a high quality, responsive culturally based supports and services to both Aboriginal people and non Aboriginal people who are on NDIS or are looking at accessing an NDIS plan for themselves or family members. Kurranulla can coordinate different providers for our Aboriginal community and participants, ensuring that their needs are met in a culturally safe and appropriate manner. 

Am I Eligible for NDIS?

To determine whether you are eligible for the scheme click on the NDIS Access Check List below. If you would like more information about your eligibility contact Kurranulla or the NDIA. The NDIA will then conduct the assessment process to determine whether you are eligible.

How does the NDIS work?

All supports and services for NDIS participants help people with disability to have the same things in life as other people like somewhere to live, a job, hobbies, education, quality time with family and friends. NDIS funding is flexible it creates a plan for you, you choose and pay for your supports from your NDIS budget based on the goals you decided when you signed up. The funding helps you live an independent life and do everyday things.

Supports for participants fall into 3 categories: 


A support that allows a participant to complete daily living activities like cleaning the house, gardening.


A support that assists payment, such as assistive technologies, equipment and home modifications.

Capacity building

A support that enables a participant to build their independence and skills such as exercising, learning to use public transport.

So what kind of help can Kurranulla give you?

Support Coordination – NDIS supports

These are the supports that agency (NDIA) have found to be ‘reasonable and necessary’ to help you live an ordinary life.

We can provide short term or ongoing support to strengthen your ability to coordinate your supports, manage your life independently, and participate in your community. We can assist you with connecting you with service providers suitable for your needs, coordinating your supports and managing your NDIS plan. As well as planning for changes around work, study, or other aspects of your life.

Community Participation

This support is included in a participants plan to enable a participant to pursue recreational activities to engage in broader community participation. As a core support it may be used for activities such as camps, vacation and outside school hours care, courses or membership fees. The intent of this support item is to provide funding to enable a participant to participate in community activities, particularly when the participants are at rick of being socially isolated. 

Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities

Assist participants to undertake and/or develop skills to maintain their home environment where the participant is in their own home and has sole or substantial responsibility for it maintenance. This includes assisting participants to do basic house and yard work. 

House and/or Yard Maintenance

Performing essential house and or yard activities that the participant is not able to undertake.

Group/Centre Activities 

Provision of supports to enable a participant to engage in community/social or recreational activities in a group. 


This may involve a worker accompanying a participant on a community outing and/or transporting a participant from their home to the community. This includes getting to and from shopping, doctor or medical appointments and outings.

If you, or someone you care for, have a permanent disability and you want some help to access the scheme, call us for a yarn on (02) 9528 0287 or email or and we will assist you to get started.

You can also visit or call the NDIS line 1800 800 110 anytime between 8.00am to 11.00pm Monday to Friday. 

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